EN-80/81 HD and SD MPEG4 & MPEG2 DSNG Encoder
EN-80/81 HD and SD MPEG4 & MPEG2 DSNG Encoder

Designed specifically for Tier 1 Satellite, ASI/Fiber and IP Contributio...
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MCT-4000 Transcoder
MCT-4000 Transcoder

The MCT-4000 family of products enables real-time live transcoding of Hi...
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TAG Video Systems

Media Choice Broadcast Systems is Business Partner of TAG Video Systems for The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, Austria and Switserland. 

TAG Video Systems is a leading manufacturer of video transcoding solutions.
The company provides original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), integrators and platform providers, dynamic, market-leading solutions. 

MCT-1000 Series
Live multi channel transcoding solution for professional broadcasting.
supports both audio and video transcoding while maintaining complete transport stream features - multi channel audio/teletext/subtitling/EIT signaling and more. supports re-encoding both at H.264 and Mpeg2 - at veriaty of resolutions and bitrates.

MCT-4000 series
Real-time live transcoding of MPEG-2 and H.264 High Definition video sources

MCR-6000 series
Unique solution for multi-channel audio transcoding from a veriety of internet sources into a single MPTS.

MBC-7000 series
Easy creation of a mosaic channel from a mixture of sources in a varialty of layouts.

MCM-9000 series
Multi channel monitoring and mosaic solutions. Monitors both for errors on the transport layer and on the payload layer. creates high-definition mosaic for control room including overlays of errors, audio bars, channel names and channels properties. A complete solution for any size of operation.

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