MCT-4000 Transcoder
MCT-4000 Transcoder

The MCT-4000 family of products enables real-time live transcoding of Hi...
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EN-40 SD MPEG2 and MPEG4 DSNG Encoder
EN-40 SD MPEG2 and MPEG4 DSNG Encoder
The EN-40 DSNG encoder/modulator supports standard definition MPEG 2 and MP...
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Recordings of the TECHNOLOGY SESSIONS on IBC 2015 hosted by Sencore

IBC2015 is just around the corner!

IBC is coming up and we are very much looking forward to seeing you there.

Enjoy the talks with our engineers and management and learn more about our recent products. Join our trainings and workshops that we offer at IBC and learn more about video delivery, troubleshooting and application cases.  Meet us in Hall 1 at ADTEC booth 1.D01, Sencore booth 1.F56 or at TAG Video Systems 4.C85. See below a brief overview about IBC 2015 events and updates!


Nashville, Tennessee - Naaldwijk, NL - Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (SRG SSR) announces it will begin migrating its satellite transmission from MPEG2 compression to MPEG4 HD 4:2:2 advanced compression with the installation of equipment and service designed by Adtec Digital. The purpose of the change is to conserve satellite bandwidth and to work in tandem with the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) resolve to move to HD, effective February 2012.

The Adtec devices to be incorporated into SRG SSR include EN-81 multi-CODEC Encoder/Modulators and RD-60 multi-CODEC IRDs. According to SRG SSR systems engineer of technical operations, during testing "the Adtec devices provided the ultimate stability among all units in the test. Additionally, "Adtec's prices were lower than their competitors." The SRG SSR systems engineer also states that evaluating known brands seemed important at first, providing a "feeling of security," but that quickly changed after the unsuccessful tests. "Big names became less important," he says. It's ultimately about quality."

"The decision from SRG SSR to chose Adtec definitely sets standards in Switzerland and surrounding areas," says Hansgeorg Lichte, Director of Business Development for Adtec Europe."Due to Adtec's perfect interoperability, SRG SSR can now exchange content not only from within in the country, but also from anywhere else - in any format, any CODEC, any color space."
The EN-81 is designed especially for Tier 1 satellite, ASI/fiber and IP contribution, and DSNG applications. It offers HD and SD MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC encoding and boasts 16 channels of audio. The RD60 is a multi-CODEC low and normal delay MPEG 2 and MPEG 4 AVC/H.264 high definition IRD. It is interoperable with other encoders making it ideal for mission critical trunking, ad-hock OB, DSNG and teleport applications.

Adtec Decoder Bridges Home Office and Edit Bay Thousands of Miles Away

From the sands of Hawaii Five-0 to the streets of CSI:NY, Director Duane Clark edits his shows on-site, from the comfort of his living room.

Nashville, Tennessee - Being at the right place at the right time use to mean time away from family and home for industry renowned Television Director Duane Clark, owner of Clark Cinema. Now, thanks to his choice of the Adtec Digital signEdje, Clark can be thousands of miles away and still oversee, in real time, the production of his current project, the hit series Hawaii Five-0, now entering it's second season, and popular CSI:NY, now in its eighth season.

About six years ago, Clark was side-by-side with his editors as most of the programs he directed were shot in L.A. where he was living. In this traditional on-site setup, the Avid editing machine's audio/video output was fed to a client monitor that Clark would watch from a couch just six feet behind the editor. Then Clark moved to the U.K. and quickly realized he did not want to have to stay in L.A. for the four-to-seven days after wrap that it would take to begin the director's cut, so he began to look into remote solutions and discovered Adtec encoders and decoders.

Through his research, Clark learned that news crews who had to shoot in remote locations used Adtec encoders with MPEG2 technology. The unit could work for him because "it provided scalable real-time streaming which would allow for remote editing if hooked up to the audio/video output of the Avid editing machine." He started with an Edje 2000 encoder and quickly added the Edje4000 and signEdje decoder that works with both MPEG2 and MPEG4 technology. The more bandwidth-efficient signEdje, using H:264 technology, helped him to save money as he didn't have to provide the bonded T1 service at the upload end that had been necessary with the older MPEG2-based system.

Clark's remote editing process works with the Avid Media Composer's audio/video being fed in to the Edge 4000 encoder. Then, the signEdje converts that audio/video into a real-time MPEG4 stream that is unicast to wherever he is in the world - usually his home in the U.K. "I can see what the editor is doing in real-time," says Clark. "To communicate we use Skype since it's free. So, instead of sitting on a couch six feet behind the editor like I used to, the Adtec setup allows me to sit on my own couch 6,000 miles behind the editor."

Clark has brought the Adtec units and "this remote way of working" from his U.K. home into several other productions for which he has directed, from L.A. to Paris. "I have used it on everything I have worked on in the last six years. It's been very effective." Adding, "The signEdje is very reliable. Once it is set up it is press and play."

Through all of this though, what's most important is that "[The Adtec unit] buys me time home with my family which is invaluable to me," he adds.

Adtec Digitalís 32APSK Scores with Sports Networks

Nashville, Tennessee (September 21, 2011) - The tests speak for themselves. Adtec Digital's EN-81 encoder/modulator and RD-60 decoder for 32APSK (Amplitude and Phase-Shift Keying) modulation are providing companies up to 30-percent more data through-put utilizing the same satellite bandwidth as the established 8PSK MODCOD method, while delivering a better quality picture. "Simply put, more bandwidth means better quality service," says Kevin Ancelin, senior vice president of sales for Adtec Digital.

In partnership with Adtec Digital, Toronto, Canada based TV2Go, a satellite transmission company for international broadcasters, has been testing 32APSK for the past year, along with such companies as TNT and Encompass in the United States; United Kingdom based IMG Media, the world's largest independent producer and distributor of sports programming; and global television network British Sky Broadcaster. One of the most significant tests came during the 2010 professional football season when TV2Go and IMG Media successfully sent a 32APSK modulation test across the Atlantic for International Distribution with a data rate of 30 megabits per second (Mbps) using a 9 megahertz (MHz) carrier. "It is the best compression technology in the world," touts Adrian Hepes, technical director at TV2Go. "It leaves you speechless."

32APSK is a digital modulation scheme that conveys data by changing, or modulating, both the amplitude and phase of the carrier wave. In combination with digital television broadcast standard DVB-S2, specification permits the use of 16APSK and 32APSK modes, allowing 16 and 32 different symbols respectively or 16 or 32 nodules of energy. "32APSK technology is needed because of the limited capacity of bandwidth on satellites," Hepes explains. Satellites have 500 MHz of bandwidth with each bandwidth divided into 36 MHz transponders. Each transponder can be divided into a multiple of three MHz slots, each with a monetary value attached. Hepes estimates that a full transponder of 36 MHz could cost as much as $1,000 per hour; but by using Adtec's integrated 32APSK and MPEG 4 4:2:2 compressions, the cost will drop below $200 per hour for the same, if not better, quality with a much narrower bandwidth of 6 to 7 MHz transponders.

To prove the overall quality of 32APSK, Hepes displayed two pictures side by side at a recent conference in Miami - one picture was the equivalent of a 6 MHz bandwidth and the other was 36 MHz bandwidth. "The audience had difficulty seeing the difference between the two pictures," he says.

Ancelin explains, "Adtec focuses on innovation and value. The combination of our high performance AVC 4:2:2 video, sixteen channels of perfectly phase aligned audio and 32APSK all converge to deliver unparalleled contribution quality and reliability for Satellite based services."

IMG Media also understands how 32APSK can help its company and its customers. "32APSK fits the needs we have," says Richard Bagnall, head of live operations at IMG Media. "Satellite space is premium. Especially for us in the sports industry, where most sports kick off on a Saturday afternoon across Europe, we are competing for the same space with a number of suppliers and broadcasting. We would effectively satisfy the need for content that is high quality delivered at a bandwidth that is economically viable. We would be able to supply a high video bit rate and multiple audio channels."

Currently, IMG Media has three RD60s and hopes to get more soon. "One of the exciting things is [a RD60] allows all 16 channels of audio to be decoded off the transport stream," said Bagnall. "We're very happy with them."

"They are not complacent," says Susanna Mantello, president and owner of Sm2 Sports Media Solutions, a satellite delivery company for broadcasters that delivers globally for the NFL, of Adtec Digital. "They are always looking at the next best thing, as well as working with industry professionals to find out their needs," she adds. Sm2 Sports Media Solutions leases 18 megahertz of bandwidth on the NSS-7 satellite to deliver North American sports events in high definition to Europe. IMG Media is one of their receiving partners. "It is extremely exciting to be able to deliver about 30 percent more bit rates per second on our current transmissions."

To learn more about Adtec Digital's discrete millisecond-accurate synchronization 3D solution, visit booth 1037 at the 2011 Content and Communication World expo, October 12-13, at the Jacob J. Javits Center, New York.

NetUP releases Android based IPTV Solution

NetUP has developed an Android-based IPTV solution, which is the new generation of IPTV Middleware. The solution gives users a new level of functionality and performance.

The solution will be demonstrated in September at IBC 2011 in Amsterdam, stand # 13.383.

The Android-based IPTV solution has numerous advantages:

  • Very fast GUI with animations and effects.
  • Access to all Android features: Web browsing, social networking, gaming, thousands of applications, such as YouTube, Skype, Google Maps and others.
  • Android is multitasking operating system. It is able to run several applications and switch between them.
  • High hardware performance of IP set-top boxes.
  • Cost effective IP set-top boxes.

The video demonstration of application working on Android-based set-top box:


Content courtesy of NetUP Inc.

IBC2011, Adtec is er weer bij

Adtec nodigt u uit voor ISE2011 in de RAI

Van 1 t/m 3 februari 2011 zal de ISE (Integrated Systems Europe) beurs wederom in de Amsterdam RAI plaatsvindt. Ook dit jaar zal Adtec Digital  weer aanwezig zijn en haar producten demonstreren.

ISE is de absolute nummer 1 vakbeurs voor professionele AV en system integration en is dit jaar, wegens toenemende groei, zelfs uitgebreid met hal 6 en 9 van de RAI. Als u een AV professional bent dan is dit de beurs die u niet wilt missen!

Adtec en Dance TV HD

MediaChoice Technologies en IB Broadcast hebben Adtec hardware ingezet voor de vernieuwde playout van DanceTV-HD, een nieuw HD-themakanaal met interviews, thema uitzendingen en verslagen van events gericht op de Dance Scene in Europa. HDTV Contribution Forum

Adtec Launches HDTV Contribution Forum       

NASHVILLE, TN - Adtec Digital, along with Newtec, SM2 Sports and TV2Go, have launched, a new forum dedicated to forging paths in HDTV satellite contribution.

For the satellite broadcast engineer, 16APSK and 32APSK DVB-S2 modulation are the holy grail of efficient satellite communications. While some consider these higher order modulation schema to be ‘pushing the envelope,' others are sizing up the opportunities they represent and forging paths to the future.

IBC '10; Lancering Multicodec IRD

Adtec's all-in-one Contribution Solutions @ IBC 2010; Stand 1.D01

Onze nieuwe EN-serie's DSNG/Contributie encoders bieden opties voor ingebouwde modulatie en support voor MPEG2 en MPEG4/AVC encoding. Elke combinatie van SD, HD of 4:2:0, 4:2:2 chroma is mogelijk en biedt u uitgebreide operationele flexibiliteit.

Onze ingebouwde modulator opties zijn gefabriceerd door Newtec en kunnen worden geüpgrade tot 32APSK/DVB-S2. Met deze modulatie techniek kunt u een HDTV-service uplinken binnen de dezelfde satelliet capaciteit als een SD-TV service met lagere modulatie.

Als aanvulling op onze contributie line-up zullen we tijdens IBC tevens onze gloednieuwe RD-60 Contributie IRD introduceren. De RD-60 decodeert zowel MPEG 2 en MPEG-4 AVC / H.264 video met 4:2:0 en 4:2:2 chroma subsampling. Standaard is de RD-60 voorzien van IP en ASI inputs. De verschillende DVBS/S2 modulator opties bieden dual-tuner decoding tot Q/8PSK. Een optionele high-end Newtec DVBS/S2 tuner QPSK demodulator tot 32APSK is eveneens beschikbaar.

Over IBC:
IBC is dé beurs voor de televisie en AV industrie en wordt ook dit jaar gehouden in de RAI in Amsterdam, van 10 tot 14 september zijn ruim 1300 standhouders, 1000 journalisten en meer dan 45.000 bezoekers te vinden in de RAI.

Adtec Europe biedt u gratis toegang tot IBC, hiervoor kunt u gebruik maken van code 5005.

NAB'10:Nieuwe Contributie solutions

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - Na de vele successen in de highest end encoding markt zal Adtec Digital tijdens de NAB Show 2010 (12-15 April in Las Vegas) drie nieuwe Contributie oplossingen presenteren.

Adtec won vorig jaar een TV Technology Star Awars voor de innovatieve mediaHUB-HD422 contribution encoder. Het jaar daarvoor, 2008, viel Adtec's Total ATSC oplossing reeds in de prijzen. Tijdens NAB2010 zal Adtec een drietal nieuwe contributie encoder en decoder producten onthullen.

Traffic 2000 uitgebreid met Quote en CRM

Adtec heeft een intensieve koppeling ontwikkeld met Traffic 2000, een Traffic and Billing systeem voor omroepen of reclameverkooporganisaties. Traffic 2000 wordt ingezet voor oa Eredivisielive, Sport1, Het Gesprek, Nostalgienet (Triade Media), Mezzo alsook adinsertion op RTL4-5-7-8, SBS6, Net5, Veronica, STER, Discovery Channel, CNN, Eurosport e.a. (Media Choice).

Traffic 2000 is sinds de eerste versie, ruim 15 jaar geleden, uitgegroeid tot een megapakket voor de planning en management van de reclameverkoop voor radio, tv, digitale bioscoop en andere toepassing.

Instore Broadcast met nieuwe functies

In aanvulling op de Adtec hardware is er door Instore Broadcast uit Doetinchem een zeer geavanceerde webbased software ontwikkeld voor de narrowcasting en digital signage.

"De naam zegt het al. Wij richten ons op INSTORE toepassingen maar benaderen dat op een wat meer BROADCAST manier" aldus Boudewijn vd Boogert van IB. De robuuste en bewezen hardware hebben wij een jaar of 7 geleden voor het eerst toegepast voor een videotheken keten en sindsdien hebben we met een team aan ontwikkelaars een systeem ontwikkeld dat uniek in zijn soort is.

Ferry Ouwendijk (founder/directeur van Adtec Eu): "Instore Broadcast wordt in honderden gevallen in combinatie met onze Adtec hardware toegepast juist vanwege zijn unieke mogelijkheden. Inmiddels zijn er ook andere varianten gemaakt van de software voor oa info/etalagekanalen van kabelaars (IBCable) en de opkomende thematische, digitale en regio-omroepen. In vergelijking met de meeste andere oplossingen die zijn gemaakt op basis van een algemeen contentmanagement systeem hebben ze features als formatplanning, automated animaties/aankondingingen, koppelingen met kassa/voorraad/epg databases etc. ontwikkeld."

Niet alleen de playout van vele instore toepassingen (zie ) maar ook de playout van digitale kanalen als Dance TV, Outtv, Goed tv e.a. wordt verzorgd met de broadcast varianten. Op de NAB 2010, Anga en IBC, ISE zal ook de IB software te zien zijn. Voor een online demo kunt u contact opnemen. 


Tijdens een compatibiliteit test georganiseerd door de World Broadcast Union (WBU-ISOG) in juni 2009 bleek de totale end-to-end latency van de Adtec MediaHUB-HD 422 veruit de laagste van alle deelnemende fabrikanten. Anderen bleken tot wel 10x langzamer. De presentatie van de resultaten vond plaats tijdens de HD World Show in New York.


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