SMD-989 Modulator
SMD-989 Modulator

The SENCORE SMD 989 DVB-S/S2 professional modulator is ideal for single ...
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IDM100 Integrated Digital TV Monitoring

ITNM Systems's IDM100 offers a powerful, advanced, costeffective and...
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ITNM Systems

Media Choice Broadcast Systems is Master Partner of ITNM Systems. 

ITNM Systems is a facilitating party serving companies in the world of broadcast and distribution of radio and televisions signals. The abbreviation refers to the original Dutch company name InfoThuis Nieuwe Media. The company has got its roots in the initial activities for interactive TV and that explains the meaning of the words 'Info' (Information), 'Thuis' (at Home) and 'Nieuwe Media' (New Media). ITNM Systems develops and maintains systems and applications for analogue and digital television.

The products made by ITNM Systems can be found in digital head-ends of major cable operators in the Netherlands and Belgium. Examples are several applications for DVB-systems like detailed monitoring, play-out of transport streams and video files, generation and conversion of subtitling and teletext and adaptation of audio levels. Filling in missing links in the chain is a speciality. Traditionally, special projects and applications for interactive television belong to the core business.

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