RD-60 SD & HD MP2 and MP4 DSNG IRD
RD-60 SD & HD MP2 and MP4 DSNG IRD

The RD-60 integrated receiver decoder (IRD) supports MPEG 2 and MPEG 4 A...
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IRD-3000 series Receiver Decoder
IRD-3000 series Receiver Decoder

Sencore's line of professional Integrated Receiver Decoders is a set...
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MRD 2600 Modular Receiver

The MRD 2600 receiver shares the professional-grade front-end collection from Sencore’s newest decoder designs, but removes the baseband video and audio components. This makes it a cost-effective solution for single-transponder, multi-service descrambling or single channel digital turnaround applications.

With available satellite, terrestrial (8VSB), ASI, and IP input modules, in conjunction with dual-CAM DVB-CI and BISS descrambling, the MRD 2600 is ideally suited for transport stream input/output. The product is a perfect to feed internal IP distribution or front transcode infrastructure which is missing critical RF interfaces, especially where density is not a key requirement.

The MRD 2600 provides a wide range of control options, including full configuration and status through the front panel and a clean, easy-to-use web GUI. It also features a full SNMP interface, including configurable traps on alarms for easy integration into an control system, and as with all Sencore products, Sencore’s professional support team is just a phone call away in the unlikely event that questions should arise.


Built-in ASI I/O for maximum value and flexibility

Available IP, and RF satellite I/O modules:

- 8VSB Receiver Designed for A74

- DVB-S/S2 Interface with Full Mode Support

- IP Interdave with Redundant Receive Paths

- Dual, Mirrored TS over Transmission

Flexible Descrambling Support


- Two DVB-CI Interfaces Supporting Up to 100Mbps

- Flexible per-PID/ Service Configuration

- Built-in BISS Mode 1, Mode E and Multi-key

- Up to 12 Independant BISS Keys Supported

Easy-to-use-web interface


Full control, status, and alarm monitoring via SNMP 

Technical Specifications

Multi-service DVB-CI Decryption
Downlink a DVB-S2 transponder, descramble with up to two professional DVB-CI CAMs, and output an IP MPTS to downstream transcoders or decoders.

8VSB Reception and Turnaround
Receive local stations and output for backhaul as ASI and IP. 8VSB input interface designed for strenuous A74 reception conditions.

Satellite Reception and BISS Descrambling
Simple solution for BISS, BISS-E, or Multi-BISS decryption. Transmit transport steam in the clear via ASI or IP for additional processing.



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Opties & Accessoires


ASI Input: 1x 75Ω BNC
ASI Output: 1x 75Ω BNC
Supported Bitrate: 250 Kbps to 200 Mbps
BISS Descrambling License MRD 26921
Supported Modes: Mode 1, Mode E, Injected ID
Multi-BISS Support: Up to 12 Separate Keys with License
DVB-CI Multi-Service/Multi-BISS License MRD 26991
With BISS License: Enables Multi BISS Descrambling
With DVB-CI Module: Enables Multi-service Descrambling

Physical Interface: Adds two DVB-CI CAM Slots
Without Multi-Service License: Descrambles Decoded Service Only
With Multi-Service License: Number of Services limited by CAM

Physical Interface: 2x RJ45, 10/100/1000 Auto-Negotiate
Input Format:
Constant Bitrate or Null-Stripped
RTP Header Extensions Supported
SMPTE 2022/CoP3 FEC Supported
Output Format: UDP
IP Encapsulation: 1 to 7 TS Packets per IP Packet
Addressing: Unicast or Multicast
IGMP compatibility: Version 1, 2 & 3
Per TS Bitrate: 250 Kbps to 200 Mbps

Physical Interface: 4x 75Ω F-Type
Frequency Range: 950-2150 MHz
Symbol Rates: 1-45 MSps
DVB-S Modulation Modes: QPSK (All FEC Rates)
DVB-S2 Modulation Modes: QPSK/8PSK (All FEC Rates)
16/32APSK with License
LNB Power: Off/13/14/18/19VDC @ 450mA
Control Tone Support: 22 kHz On/Off
DVB-S2 Advanced Feature License MRD 26916
Additional Modulation Modes:
16ASPK/32APSK (All FEC Rates)
VCM Demodulation Support
Multistream Support (Single ISI)

Physical Interface: 75Ω F-Type
Frequency Range: 50-1000 MHz
Sensitivity: -34 to +40 dBmV (A74 Compliant)
8VSB Standard: ATSC A/53E
8VSB Channel Plans: Broadcast
QAM Standard: ITU Annex B/SCTE DVS-031
QAM Channel Plans: FCC, IRC, HRC
QAM Constellations: QAM64, QAM256

Connector: RJ-45 10/100 - Auto Negotiating
Protocols: HTTP and SNMP
User Interfaces:
Full control via web GUI
Full control via front panel
Automation Interfaces:
Full status and control via SNMP
Configurable SNMP traps
Web services API available
Firmware Updates: Via Web GUI

Height: 1 RU, 1.72” (44 mm)
Width: 1 RU, 17.2” (437 mm)
Depth: 14.6” (370 mm)
Power: 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz

Operating Temp: 0° to 45°C
Storage Temp: -40°C to 65°C
Relative Operating Humidity: <95% (non-condensing)