NetUP DVB to IP Gateway 4x
NetUP DVB to IP Gateway 4x

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MBC-7000 Digital Mosaic
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MCT-1000 Transcoder

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MCT-1000 Transcoder

The MCT-1000 family of products enables real-time live transcoding of Standard Definition MPEG-2 and H.264 video sources. This complete and versatile transcoding solutions is ideal for broadcast, cable, telco and IPTV operators with a need to transcode incomming MPEG2 or H.264 signals.

Simply adjust the resolution and narrow the needed bandwith for video and audio for web-streaming or transcode signals to one universal standard to avoid upgrading set-top-boxes. The onboard webinterface offers intuitive configurations and easy monitoring, SNMP and email alarms are all standard. Optional ASI in for easy integration in existing infrastructures.


• H.264 Encoding at MP @ L3

• MPEG-2 Encoding at MP @ ML

• Up to 8 channels Transcoding per 1RU unit

• CBR or capped VBR support

• Transcoding up to 10 Audio streams per program

• Supports video rescaling to a variety of resolutions, from CIF to full D1

• Management via embedded Web server, external SNMP or local CLI

• Full Transcoding Solution. Handles the PSI tables, the video and audio

• Optional ASI support for ease of integration

• Ideal for broadcast and IPTV applications

• Broad range of audio encoding formats including HE-AAC v2

Technical Specifications

Inputs Physical:   
- IP (2/4 Gigabit ports)
- ASI* 1/4

Transport inputs:   
MPTS/SPTS Support seperate MPTS per channel  
MPEG2 SD/HD up to 15Mbit per channel
H.264 SD up to 3Mbit per channel, HD up to 15 Mbit per channel

Inputs (Audio decoding):
10 stream per program: MPEG Layer II, AAC*, HE-AACv1, HE-AAC v2, A/52*

Outputs Physical:
IP (2/4 Gigabit ports)
ASI* Single MPTS

Transport outputs:

Video Encoding Standards:
H.264 MP@L3

Encoding features:
- GOP size selection
- VBV limiting
- de-blocking
- scene cut detection,
- adaptive GOP
- Scaling 720/704/640/544/528/480/352 to 480i/576i/288p/272p/ 240p

Rate Control:
- Capped VBR

- MPEG-2 up to 10mbps
- H.264 up 3mbps (per channel)

Audio encoding:
- MPEG Layer II
- Pass-through (all formats)
- AAC*
- HE-AAC v1*
- HE-AAC v2*

Control and Monitoring:
- Webinterface for easy management and configuration
- CLI / Telnet
- Software upgrades via Webinterface

- 1RU (19" rack) 4.32x43x50.8 cm (HxWxL)
- Front to rear cooling
- 90-264 VAC
- Optional redundant power supply

* optional features


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Opties & Accessoires

MCT-1020: Dual Channel SD Transcoder MPEG-2/H.264
MCT-1040: Quad Channel SD Transcoder MPEG-2/H.264
MCT-1060: Six Channel SD Transcoder MPEG-2/H.264
MCT-1080: Eight Channel SD Transcoder MPEG-2/H.264

Special Multichannel, Multichassis options available