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MCR-6000 Audiobridge

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MCR-6000 Audiobridge

The MCR6000 enables real-time live transcoding of internet audio streams, such as radio stations, and encapsulating them into MPEG-2 transport stream. Supporting MMS, R Access TSP, ShoutCast and IcyCast streaming servers and SMPEG-2, MP3, AAC,AACP,REAL and WMV codecs as input the MCR-6000 enables adding radiochannels to your offerings for a fraction of the current cost per channel.

The source will be transcoded to a fully DVB compliant transportstream with an individual program per source (PCR on Audio PID) and PSI tables insertion (PAT/PMT/SDT). Volume can be adjusted per source in addition to streambitrate, samplefrequency and volume.

Standard functionality includes email and local sound alert upon source failure or source switch over, daily error reporting via Email en SNMP Traps sending on connection failure or errors. Source Redundancy is standard with up to 3 sources per channel (source or filebased). 


• Up to 48 channels per 1RU unit

• Individual program per radio (PCR on Audio PID)

• PSI tables insertion (PAT/PMT/SDT)

• Supports audio re-sampling to a variety of frequencies and stereo to mono down sampling

• Source redundancy solution (3 sources per stream)

• Management via embedded Web server, external SNMP or local CLI

• Ideal for broadcast applications

• Optional ASI support for ease of integration

• Offers competitive price per channel

Technical Specifications

- IP: 2 Gigabit ports
- Acces: MMS, RTSP, ShoutCast, IcyCast
- Transport: ASF, Real, ADTS

- IP: 2 Gigabit Ports (3/4 ports - optional)
- ASI*: Dual ASI Output module
- Transport: MPTS/UDP, MPTS/ASI

Audio Encoding:
- Codec: MPEG Layer II/AAC/V1/V2, PCR over audio PID
- Sample rates: 24Khz, 32Khz, 44.1Khz, 48Khz
- Channels: Mono or Stereo
- Level: Adjustable Gain (-20/+20db)
- Rate Control: CBR, Capped VBR
- Bitrates: 24,32,48,64,92,128,160,192,256,324 kbps

Source Redundancy:
- 3 sources per channel, hot-swapped upon source failure
- User defined source timeout definitions
- User defined connection retries

Control and monitoring:
- Webbased Management
- CLI/Telnet
- SNMP RFC1213, RFC1215
- Software upgrades via FTP and CLI interface
- Error reporting via email and local sound alert upon source failure or source switch over.
- Daily error report via email

Physical Characteristics
- Size: 1RU (19" rack), 4.32x43x50.8 cm (H x W x L)
- Cooling: Front to rear
- Power: 90-264 VAC
- Redundancy: Optional redundant power supply


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