IRD-3000 series Receiver Decoder
IRD-3000 series Receiver Decoder

Sencore's line of professional Integrated Receiver Decoders is a set...
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EN-40 SD MPEG2 and MPEG4 DSNG Encoder
EN-40 SD MPEG2 and MPEG4 DSNG Encoder
The EN-40 DSNG encoder/modulator supports standard definition MPEG 2 and MP...
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MBC-7000 Digital Mosaic

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MBC-7000 Digital Mosaic

Looking for a solution for a digital Mosaic channel to promote your offering? Just like you had in the analog network?

MBC-7000 offers easy creation of a mosaic channel from a mixture of sources in a variaty of layouts... and all directly out of your IP Cloud.

Easy to integrate in to any existing DVB infrastructure with support for MPEG2/H.264 HD and SD sources and a fully DVB compliant IP output (SPTS). The output can be MPEG2 or H.264 with selectable bitrates down to 1mbps for streaming Internet streaming and elimenates the need for a seperate DVB-complaint encoder.
Layouts are completely user configurable and supports dynamic layout cycling with seemless layout changes. The background can be any design compliant to your company style and colorscheme. Audiosource can be one of the channels or any seperate audiosource, this enables promoting of radiooffering and packages.


  • MBC-7000 produces the mosaic as an HD or SD service over IP (SPTS), allowing flexible integration
  • Encoding at H.264 or MPEG-2
  • Supports Mpeg-2, H.264 both SD and HD sources
  • Flexible output stream bitrate, down to 1mbps for streaming Internet streaming
  • Supports audio remuxing of any audio format
  • Audiosource selectable between TV Channels or additional radiosources
  • User configurable layouts, with user defined background
  • Dynamic layout cycling
  • Round robin, seemless layout changes
  • Small foot print - 1RU unit

Technical Specifications

- Physical IP: 2-4 Gigabit ports
- Transport: MPTS/SPTS/RTP, support separate MPTS per channel

Video inputs (codecs supported):
- MPEG2, SD up to 15mbit per channel
- H.264, SD up to 3Mbit per channel, HD up to 15 Mbit per channel

Audio inputs (codecs supported):
- Passtrough (all types)

- max frames (channels) per layout: 20
- Interval layout cycling: 10-600 seconds
- Maximum video sources: 200
- Background Image: JPEG image, uploadable via Webinterface
- On-screen channel name

Control and monitoring:
- Webbased Management
- CLI/Telnet
- SNMP traps
- Software upgrades via FTP and CLI interface

- Physical IP: 2-4 Gigabit ports
- Transport: SPTS/UDP
- Video encoding: MPEG2:MP@HL , H.264:MP@L5
- Encoding features: GOP size selection, VBV Limiting, de-blocking, 
  scene cut detection, adaptive GOP, MBAFF, CABAC
- Encoding resulution: HD 1920x1080i, SD: 704x576i
- Rate control, bitrate: CBD, capped VBR, MPEG2 up to 30Mbps, H.264 up to 15Mbps

- Size 1RU (19" rack) 4.32x43x50.8 cm (HxWxL)
- Front to rear cooling
- 90-264 VAC power
- Optional redundant powersupply


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