mediaHUB-Pro 02 (E5110)
mediaHUB-Pro 02 (E5110)

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VB220 IP Core Monitoring Blade
VB220 IP Core Monitoring Blade

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MCM-9000 Monitoring System

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MCM-9000 Monitoring System

The MCM-9000 is a complete solution both for transport stream monitoring and control room mosaic creation. An ideal solution for DVB and IP monitoring applications for operators, playoutcentres and IPTV providers.

Monitoring of channels from an IP cloud with user configurable alarms and tresholds. MCM-9000 outputs alarms (SNMP, email, SMS, syslogs) and plus a visual image with all selected channels over IP (MPEG2 or H.264) which can easily be decoded at the NOC/MCR with off-the shelf hardware such as IP-Decoder and STB's. Remote monitoring without any needs for multiple STB's and cheap encoders...

Error detection includes PCR Error, freeze frame, CC error, PSI validation.... The LIVE view of the channels prvides easy acces to critical information such as audio level, format, aspect ratio, encryption...


• MCM-9000 produces the mosaic as an HD service over IP (SPTS), allowing flexible connectivity to multiple displays in multiple sites.

• Playback with standard off the shelf IP STB

• Advanced Error detection module. Configurable detection thresholds and notification logic.

• Conditional access monitoring

• Concurrent, real time analysis of all channels

• Supports Mpeg-2, H.264 both SD and HD sources.

• Mosaic distribution supports variety of network topologies

• Live display of channel properties (audio level, format, aspect ratio, name ...)

• Flexible output stream bitrate, down to 1mbps for monitoring over the Internet.

• Fully configurable overlay display of events messages on the mosaic.

• Ideal for DVB and IPTV monitoring applications

• Broad range of audio formats including HE-AAC v2

• Small foot print - 1RU unit

• Optional DVB-S(2)/DVB-T/DVB-C to IP gateway 

Technical Specifications

- Physical: IP 2-4 Gigabit Ports
- Transport: MPTS/SPTS/RTP, supports seperate MPTS per channel
- Video analysis: MPEG2, H.264, HD and SD
- Audio analysis: 10 streams per program: MPEG Layer II, AAC, HE-AAC v1, HE-AAD v2, A/52

Control and monitoring:
Configuration via webinterface, CLI and SNMP
- Software upgrades via webinterface and FTP

- Configurable detection tresholds, per group of channels
- Event notifications are group-driven- for easy configuration
- Supports sending SNMP traps on all configured events
- Supports sending EMAIL alerst on all configured events
- Supports SMS alerts
- Supports syslog integration
- Alert overlay: Mosaic overlay of active events / errors
- ETSI TR 101 290 compliant stream testing

- Physical IP: 2/4 Gigabit ports
- Transport: SPTS/UDP
- Video encoding standard: MPEG2:MP@HL, H.264:MP@L4
- Encoding features include GOP size selection, VBV Limiting, de-blocking, scene cut detection, adaptive GOP, MBAFF, CABAC
- Output resolution 1080i
- Rate control, Bitrate: CBR, capped VBR, MPEG2 up to 30Mbps, H.264 up to 15Mbps

- 1RU (19" rack) 4.32x43x50.8 cm (HxWxL)
- Front to rear cooling
- 90-264 VAC
- Optional redundant power supply


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Opties & Accessoires

MCM-9010:  Monitoring and a mosaic system for up to 10 channels
MCM-9020: Monitoring and a mosaic system for up to 20 channels
MCM-9040: Monitoring and a mosaic system for up to 40 channels

Special Multichannel, Multichassis options available