NetUP DVB to IP Gateway 4x
NetUP DVB to IP Gateway 4x

The DVB to IP gateway 4x is a complete IPTV streaming solution. It can r...
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NetUP IPTV Complex

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NetUP IPTV Complex

IPTV Complex is a set of IPTV software and hardware that forms a scalable IPTV solution for medium and large IPTV installations. All elements of IPTV Complex are compatible with each other which means that no additional integration is required.

That's why IPTV Complex allows setting up an IPTV service easily, fast, and without extra expenses on system integration.


IPTV Complex allows a telco or an ISP to provide the following services:

  • satellite, terrestrial and cable TV channels (DVB to IP gateway),DVB to IP gateway 4x is a complete IPTV streaming solution. It can receive live TV channels directly from a satellite dish (DVB-S, DVB-S2), antenna (DVB-T) or cable (DVB-C), decode them using conditional access modules (CAM) and send them into an IP network using multicast (IGMP snooping support by Ethernet switches is required). One DVB-IP gateway 4x can receive and stream TV channels from 4 DVB transponders or multiplexes that corresponds to up to 50 TV channels. It is also possible to encode four analog TV channels (RF to IP or A/V to IP). The IPTV streaming software used in DVB to IP gateway 4x allows flexible configuration and assures high performance and reliability.
  • Video on Demand (VoD server),Our Video on Demand server is built on an industry-standard platform and supports over 100 concurrent streams (1000 subscribers at normal VoD peak take-up rate) at typical MPEG-2 compression rate of 4 Mb/s per stream. Both unicast and multicast streaming modes are supported.
  • TV on Demand & Time-Shifted TV (TVoD server),Delayed TV program viewing can be considered the most demanding among all interactive TV services. Only IPTV technology provides a user with a possibility to pause or rewind TV programs. Such service is referred to as Time-Shifted TV. In addition, TV on Demand service is intended for viewing recent TV programs by choosing the TV program from the archive.
  • Content protection and encryption (IP CAS/DRM),The Conditional Access System (CAS) is intended to limit the access to the multimedia content, i.e. to encrypt the content so that only the legitimate users are able to decrypt and view it. The encrypted streams are transmitted over unprotected channels. The server part encrypts multicast IP streams in real time using the DVB CSA (common scrambling algorithm), and also creates encryption keys. The keys are distributed by multicast as well as the content itself, and are directed to the same multicast address, though to other port. Several CAS servers may be used simultaneously, while the load balancer distributes the tasks between them. IP CAS enables an IPTV service provider to strictly control access to the content and therefore to build financial relations with subscribers and content providers alike.
  • fast user interface for IP set-top boxes (IPTV middleware),The IPTV Middleware is the central part of the system as it ties subscribers' IP set-top boxes with the IPTV headend and defines the user experience. Rich client technology - better performance. ,Our IPTV Middleware includes two main parts - the Middleware server and STB Client, a native application developed in C++ loaded into an IP set-top box. Such a technology, which is often referred to as rich client IPTV middleware allows to achieve a much better perfomance of the user interface in comparison to any Web-based IPTV middleware, which is especially important in case of HD TV or HD video. At the same time the user interface is customizable. ,Middleware supports world leading IP set-top boxes: Amino, Telergy, D-Link, Teletec, etc.
  • User interface for a PC (IPTV player),IPTV PC Client is a client software developed to provide access to all interactive services generated by the IPTV Combine or Complex system using a personal computer or a laptop. Besides watching live TV channels the user can also watch VoD, TV on Demand, EPG, and other interactive services.
  • Controlling user's access & rating services (billing system),Basic functions of the IPTV billing software are: subscriber database maintenance, rating and charging for the IPTV, service, creation and management of tariff plans, creation of accounting documents (invoices), access cards management and financial reporting. The IPTV billing system can be integrated with any third-party software controlling services of other types (e.g., Internet access, VoIP, etc.).


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