VB120 IP Distribution Monitoring Blade
VB120 IP Distribution Monitoring Blade

The VB120 modular BROADCAST PROBE is designed for continuous digital TV ...
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Micro VB IP Edge Monitoring Probe

The microVBTM is a breakthrough in both form-factor and funct...
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IDM100 Integrated Digital TV Monitoring

ITNM Systems's IDM100 offers a powerful, advanced, costeffective and above all pragmatical monitoring system for analysis, guarding and testing of digital TV networks. The IDM100 Integrated Digital TV Monitoring is a complete and user friendly monitoring system for digital radio and TV. It is extremely flexible to use by means of standard web browser access, which means that no special software is required on the workstations. Monitoring in accordance with the final result on the customer's set-top box prevents unnecessary reports. Integration of audiovisual options makes it possible to access the system on distance by service personnel working in shift duty by means of a standard Internet connection, apart from the availability of the television signal itself.

The IDM100 series are applicable in most types of digital TV distribution systems, like DVB-C and IPTV. Extension of the programme capacity is no problem at all by means of scalable modular design. The system can be used
centrally as well as locally with clear insight over the whole distribution chain as a result.


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