TXS-3453 Transcoder
TXS-3453 Transcoder

The TXS 3453 is a Multichannel Video Transcoder which provides a powerfu...
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IDM100 Integrated Digital TV Monitoring

ITNM Systems's IDM100 offers a powerful, advanced, costeffective and...
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MRD 4400 Modular Receiver Decoder

MRD 4400 Modular Receiver Decoder

The new MRD 4400 Receiver Decoder is the latest in Sencore’s long line of professional integrated receiver/decoders for distribution and monitoring applications. Latest-generation components ensure that the 4400 provides the most complete feature set and the best value for a broad swath of common receiver/decoder applications. The product supports decoding of SD or HD video, encoded as either MPEG-2 or H.264, as well as up to four audio services.

The additional audio handling capability makes the MRD 4400 the perfect solution for video distributors looking to meet upcoming descriptive video requirements, while continuing to support surround, stereo, and SAP services. As customer demands evolve, units purchased for SD decoding can be upgraded to HD via a simple software license, and with the included digital video output, video monitoring is as easy as finding the nearest standard consumer television or PC monitor.

With built-in ASI input/output capability, as well as available satellite and IP interfaces, the 4400 is adaptable to most decoder use cases. The receiver also maintains Sencore’s long tradition of ease of use, with a web interface accessible via all major browsers and complete control of the unit via the front panel keypad, and is backed by Sencore’s best-in-class ProCare support.

MRD 2600 Modular Receiver

The MRD 2600 receiver shares the professional-grade front-end collection from Sencore’s newest decoder designs, but removes the baseband video and audio components. This makes it a cost-effective solution for single-transponder, multi-service descrambling or single channel digital turnaround applications.

With available satellite, terrestrial (8VSB), ASI, and IP input modules, in conjunction with dual-CAM DVB-CI and BISS descrambling, the MRD 2600 is ideally suited for transport stream input/output. The product is a perfect to feed internal IP distribution or front transcode infrastructure which is missing critical RF interfaces, especially where density is not a key requirement.

The MRD 2600 provides a wide range of control options, including full configuration and status through the front panel and a clean, easy-to-use web GUI. It also features a full SNMP interface, including configurable traps on alarms for easy integration into an control system, and as with all Sencore products, Sencore’s professional support team is just a phone call away in the unlikely event that questions should arise.

EN-91P 1080P Encoder

EN-91P 1080P Encoder

The EN91P is a ultra-low delay 1080P MPEG 4 AVC/H.264 high definition encoder. The ultra-low delay mode requires the use of Adtec's RD70 IRD and delivers picture-to-picture services in 100 milliseconds; The EN91P standard delay mode is fully interoperable with other IRDs making it ideal for mission critical trunking and ad-hoc applications. MPEG 4 AVC/H.264 is significantly more efficient than JPEG making it the CODEC of choice for multiplexed and bandwidth sensitive applications; AVCs inherent interoperability significantly adds to the value of solutions based on this industry standard.

The lightweight, 10 pound or 4.5 Kilo EN91P offers amazing features and specifications in its 1 RU chassis, including redundant AC power supplies, enhanced control and monitoring via its front-panel, a browser and SNMP; video support includes SD, 2D-HD and 3D AVC 422, sixteen channels of phase aligned audio, robust VBI support, reliability and easy of use all for an extraordinary value. In addition to encoding phase aligned audio, the EN91P pass-through support includes PCM, DolbyE (16 and 20 Bit) and Dolby AC3 (2.0 and 5.1).

The EN91P encodes and concurrently transports services via ASI, IP and DVBS/S2. The DVBS/S2 modulator is available in IF or L-band with modulation modes ranging from QPSK up to 32APSK based on software licenses.

SMD-989 Modulator

SMD-989 Modulator

The SENCORE SMD 989 DVB-S/S2 professional modulator is ideal for single or multi-stream MPEG Transport Stream modulation. Leveraging the latest modulation technology, the SMD provides high-value solution with unmatched signal quality.

Multistream support with Variable Coding and Modulation (VCM) ensures the SMD will be ready for the future of S2 modulation, and a complete web GUI provides legendary Ease of Use.

The optional, built-in L-Band upconverter enables the SMD 989 to provide an IF or L-band output. This eliminates the need for multiple pieces of equipment and provides a compact solution for facilities housing multiple modulators or for insertion into L-band inter-facility links.

The chassis has two bays allowing for a variety of configurations, including two independent modulators for density, redundant power supplies for reliability, or DC BUC power for portable applications.


DTA-305010-input Digital Turn Around with IP and ASI Outputs
Digital television service operators wishing to aggregate and process MPEG, ATSC, Digicypher, or DVB based services for traditional (satellite, cable, terrestrial) services will find the DTA ideal.

It boasts 10 ASI inputs. Each supporting wire speed, a three-way mirrored ASI output, GIGE, and optional SMPTE-310. Redundancy for ASI and SMPTE-310 is supported with an intelligent built in relay-bypassed switch.

The DTA-3050 is IPTV and BBTV ready today, it supports multicast and unicast configurations including SPTS/UDP, MPTS/UPD, MPEG and DVB tables.

Encryption support includes DVB-CSA with Ethernet Simylcrypt, AES for use with Simylcrypt compatible Conditional Access management Servers (CAS) vendors.

The DTA 3050 is ideal for traditional and next generation television networks.



The Quartet is a 3G Ready ASI & HD/SD-SDI Switching Distribution Amplifier. It is Ideal for supporting encoder redundancy without a DTA. The Quartet features automatic or manual switching with automatic rate detection.

EN-80/81 HD and SD MPEG4 & MPEG2 DSNG Encoder

EN-80/81 HD and SD MPEG4 & MPEG2 DSNG Encoder

Designed specifically for Tier 1 Satellite, ASI/Fiber and IP Contribution and DSNG applications, Adtec's fifth generation encoder enters the market with an impressive list of standard features and a wide range of options; allowing you minimal initial investment and an upgrade path for future applications. Offering High and Standard Definition, MPEG 2 and MPEG 4 AVC encoding, the EN-80 series continues to support past, present and future
requirements. With temporal and spatial filtering for Standard Definition and advanced motion compensated temporal filtering for High Definition, the EN-80 Series exhibits the highest-quality video picture. Audio encoding highlights include up to 8 pairs of audio encoding and advanced audio mapping capabilities.

Designed for mobility and durability, the EN Series sports a new front panel design with an expanded menu system and additional key pad options, making configuration and statusing quick and easy. Additional methods of control and configuration are available via our on-board web-based application and SNMP.

RD-60 SD & HD MP2 and MP4 DSNG IRD

RD-60 SD & HD MP2 and MP4 DSNG IRD

The RD-60 integrated receiver decoder (IRD) supports MPEG 2 and MPEG 4 AVC/H.264 platforms with 420 and 422 high and standard definition decoding. The RD-60 decodes both MPEG 2 and MPEG 4 AVC/H.264 video with 4:2:0 and 4:2:2 chroma sampling.

It boasts four pairs of stereo audio including MPEG 1 Layer 2, Dolby AC3/5.1, HE-AAC, AAC-LC audio decoding. Passthrough support includes PCM, DolbyE/2.0/5.1 and Linear Acoustic Stream Stacker. The RD-60 supports redundant AC or DC dual-power supplies, enhanced control and monitoring via SNMP and browser.

Standard inputs include IP and ASI with optional dual DVBS/S2 tuner demodulator supporting Q/8PSK. An optional high end Newtec DVBS/S2 tuner demodulator supporting QPSK up to 32APSK is available.

EN-40 SD MPEG2 and MPEG4 DSNG Encoder

EN-40 SD MPEG2 and MPEG4 DSNG EncoderThe EN-40 DSNG encoder/modulator supports standard definition MPEG 2 and MPEG 4 AVC/H.264 with 420 and 422 encoding. The EN-40 encodes both MPEG 2 and MPEG 4 AVC/H.264 video with 4:2:0 and 4:2:2 chroma sampling.

It boasts four pairs of stereo audio including MPEG 1 Layer 2 and Dolby AC3 audio encoding. Passthrough support includes PCM, DolbyE/2.0/5.1 and Linear Acoustic Stream Stacker.

The EN-40 supports redundant AC or DC dual-power supplies, enhanced control and monitoring via SNMP and browser. The EN-40 allows concurrent encoding and streaming to IP, ASI and L-Band. The optional Newtec DVBS/S2 modulator supports modulation from QPSK up to 32APSK.

MRD5800 Advanced Modular Decoder

MRD5800 Advanced Modular Decoder

The MRD 5800 Advanced Modular Decoder will address the needs of contribution and high-end distribution customers. As a cutting edge technology, the MRD 5800 will include the latest advancements including:

  • Video decode support for h.264 Hi422P@4.2 to enable maximum video quality, including 4:2:2 chroma sampling and 10-bit color depth
  • Support for decoding and pass through of up to eight audio services, giving operators the flexibility to tackle multi-channel, multi-language, and multi-format delivery challenges
  • Decode and output of Full HD 1080p60 video, ensuring compatibility with popular video formats in use today and well into the future

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