MBC-7000 Digital Mosaic
MBC-7000 Digital Mosaic

Looking for a solution for a digital Mosaic channel to promote your offe...
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Micro VB IP Edge Monitoring Probe

The microVBTM is a breakthrough in both form-factor and funct...
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DPI-1200Designed to concurrently insert up to twelve MPEG2 or AVC programs into a digital cable or television service, the DPI-1200 Ad Server offers the absolute highest transport standards required for broadcasting.

The DPI-1200 imports programs to its core, processes and multiplexes them in preparation for their delivery via ASI output to a single or multiple ad splicers and seamlessly interfaces with Adtec's adVantage Enterprise Management Solution. The DPI-1200 interoperates with ad insertion systems from C-COR and SeaChange as well. 

Combine the ad server with Adtec's mediaHUB-HD Pro Studio Encoder to bridge the transition from analog and SDI digital insertion to DPI.

Traffic 2000 Traffic & Billing Software

Traffic 2000 Traffic & Billing Software

Traffic 2000 is a suite of software to manage your Commercial planning, traffic and billing. Traffic 2000 has set the standard for flexibility and scalability when running multiple stations. Combine rate cards, or use separate rate cards for each station.

There is now a suite of software that also includes CRM, Quote and a remote system. Traffic interacts with www.Ad-Just.tv

Traffic 2000 includes features for synchronizing breaks across multiple stations, enabling you to insert local spots in a network situation in a very dynamic manor. Traffic 2000 is one of the most advanced systems of its kind.

Traffic 2000 has also been used for radio, tv, digital cinema and digital signage for years now. Late ‘90's the system that was built to manage wide networks of radio networks was expanded to use for tv, ad insertion, digital cinema and digital signage.


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