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IRD-3000 series Receiver Decoder

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Traffic 2000 Traffic & Billing Software

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Traffic 2000 Traffic & Billing Software

Traffic 2000 is a suite of software to manage your Commercial planning, traffic and billing. Traffic 2000 has set the standard for flexibility and scalability when running multiple stations. Combine rate cards, or use separate rate cards for each station.

There is now a suite of software that also includes CRM, Quote and a remote system. Traffic interacts with

Traffic 2000 includes features for synchronizing breaks across multiple stations, enabling you to insert local spots in a network situation in a very dynamic manor. Traffic 2000 is one of the most advanced systems of its kind.

Traffic 2000 has also been used for radio, tv, digital cinema and digital signage for years now. Late ‘90's the system that was built to manage wide networks of radio networks was expanded to use for tv, ad insertion, digital cinema and digital signage.


  • Basic Data: Traffic 2000 provides you with all options needed to enter the basic client information. Accounts, Products, Agencies and Media Buying Services can be entered and linked. An interface with MS Word is provided to quickly write letters or memos to clients, as well as email or internet information.
  • Contracts: The contracts module in Traffic 2000 enables you to enter the agreements with the accounts and keep track of actual campaigns and booked orders.
  • Campaigns: The campaigns module is the basis of Traffic 2000. It's the order entry module. Based on start and end dates and account information you can create any schedule. The Campaigns grid enables you to group, sort or search campaigns.
  • Discounts: With any campaign you can enter several discounts, or choose from predefined discounts.
  • Automatic Scheduling,Traffic 2000 can schedule your campaigns automatically. Just enter the parameters like time slots, days of the week and periods and Traffic 2000 will create the schedule for you while choosing from the available breaks.
  • Manual Scheduling: Or if you prefer to enter each spot manually, Traffic 2000's manual scheduler will save you lots of time by giving you instant overview on schedule and budget.
  • Spot Instructions: No matter the number of different spots your clients might like to run, Traffic 2000 can handle the most complicated requests automatically.
  • Move Campaign: Can you give us an average of all campaigns that have to be postponed or partially moved to another period? You will love Traffic 2000's ability to move campaigns to other dates automatically. And... it will try to find similar break times leaving the other spots in the schedule unchanged.,,
  • Campaign Pricing Options: Use as many Rate Cards as needed, use different rate groups, and assign rate cards to be valid from any date you like. Other pricing options include rate per Week, package deals, rate per Spot, rate per Spot per Station and many more.
  • Campaign Schedule: When a campaign has been scheduled, the created schedule can be reviewed. Spots can be moved to other breaks using Drag & Drop and different spot titles can be assigned. Traffic 2000 has advanced features for processing multiple spots. By selecting multiple spots in the log, different spots can be assigned, spots can be moved to another day or time, and fixed positions in spots can be assigned.
  • Broadcast Log: Before a broadcast log is generated to run on air, you can review it for final changes. Spots can be moved to other breaks via Drag & Drop. Filler Items, like promo's or stand-by spots with lower priorities can be added into the log. Traffic 2000 also includes automated tools for filling out breaks to an exact length, or synchronizing breaks between different outlets or stations on a network.
  • Avails reports: Quickly scan for available time using a set of on-screen reports. Scan for available time, sold time and specific break types. Other on-screen reports include a scan for avails to make an instant check if a specific schedule would fit during the days that are opted for.  The Spot Status Summary scans for available media files and warns for missing items. Many more tools make life easier.
  • Predefined reports: Traffic 2000 comes with 200 ready to run predefined reports. The reporting engine is based on the industry-standard Crystal Reports. Reports can be viewed, printed or emailed. Exporting options are to Excel, Word, Acrobat Reader and many more.
  • Custom Reports: Traffic 2000's custom reporting engine allows you to create virtually any report you want. Fields can be selected by Drag & Drop, grouped and filtered by any option. You can save the reports you've designed as templates for later reruns.
  • Billing: As invoicing options can be set according to your company policies. Whenever needed, the settings can be changed for each campaign. The creation of invoices is fully automated. Invoices for multiple stations can be combined or split. Billing of a campaign can be split to several clients. Additional items such as non-spot advertising or production costs can be assigned to a campaign and included in the invoicing. Invoices can be reviewed, edited or manually created before printing.
  • Accounting: As many of our clients include companies listed on stock exchanges and large newspaper or entertainment corporations, we are used to clients that demand high standards for reporting or auditing by accountants. All transactions in Traffic 2000 are logged and can be audited at a later time. Campaigns and contracts can be ‘closed' and protected from changes. Exports to the play-out automation systems can also be logged. Invoices can only be printed once, and copies or duplicates are clearly marked. All menus and functions can be assigned to specific users and are password protected.
  • Multiple Stations & Station Groups: Traffic 2000 allows you to combine several stations into one schedule or price structure. You may use specific rate card for station groups. In case you would schedule similar combinations of outlets/stations frequently, you can combine several stations and schedule them as ‘station groups'.
  • Customized forms: For each client, we create custom reports like order confirmations or invoices, to reflect the stations requirements. Customized forms can reflect your language, stationery, logo's or other requirements.
  • User Interface: Traffic 2000 offers a sophisticated user interface, based on industry-standards like MS Office. Windows XP styles and themes are fully supported. We are committed to keeping up with the latest technologies, and providing users with user interfaces they are accustom with. Menu's are MS-Office style and can be customized, and ‘hide' scarcely used functions. Grids can be customized, fields and columns can be added or removed. Grids can be sorted and grouped on any column. Grids can be printed, exported to Excel, Word, HTM or XML. ,Interface to playback systems,Traffic 2000 can interface with almost any automated play-out system. The export logs can be customized for each situation (if needed).

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Opties & Accessoires

Traffic 2000 Server: A solution for rep-firms selling advertisement on large numbers of stations or station groups a powerful tool enabling advertisers and ad agencies to get full control and flexibility over the ad and its scheduled time until minutes before airtime.
MediaSales Quote: Proposal management for media
MediaSales CRM: The First CRM system truly designed for media sales
MediaSales Connect: Allows end users like salespeople or management to view real-time data and reports from Traffic 2000